July 17, 2022


I was invited to the venue, and when I arrived, there was a large [DRIPROOTS🄬] on the ring mat! ! !

I came forward as a sponsor of Breaking Down 5 because I wanted more people to know about us in Japan.

The reason is because I wanted to make a promise to the people who are supporting our brand now.

I think that a promise is a sense of security and satisfaction, and by becoming more famous, I wanted to deliver more value to the customers who bought it.

It was still too big a decision for an individual manager, but it seems that further spread can be expected.

Even now, I still feel that I have no choice but to push my back when I'm struggling like that, to cooperate with us, who are still small, and to support people who hadn't been involved until I got there.

We aim to be a brand that can fulfill its promises by keeping high quality and good service in mind.

I would like you to pay attention to my future activities.

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